Monday, June 28, 2010

Playtime in the Pool

We are enjoying the little pool. Wishing we had put down the bed of sand to make the bottom smooth, as it seems to be compacting all the little clay balls into rocks.

Even Rei is enjoying the pool. She learned to perch on a boat cushion.

She does not seem to mind the dunking!

Holly seems to love the water, I think she thinks she is swimming. When she's in the water she kicks like a wild critter, but in her floating, shaded island she is relaxed.

Hot Weekend Work

This weekends project was to complete the flooring over the workbench-which is now done. By mistake, we got the heavier floor decking and boy, now we see we should have used the heavier stuff all throughout the loft. We can feel where the thinner stuff is giving a bit uncomfortably when walking around up there. Our plan is next spring when we run out of hay, to add another thin layer to beef up the previously laid floor. For now, the hay is going up.
Tim and Andy were on hand to help up move the hay that is left. The alfalfa went out to be stored in the pony barn.

Here you can see John's hay slide, which works incredibly well.

Here is John, cleaning up the dregs of last year's hay and pushing it down the slide.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer on the Farm

This year we decided to put in a very small, very cute, above ground pool. It's really no more than an adult soaking pool. 15 ft x 42 inches tall. This summer has been soooo hot this year. Most of the time we are working outside, so now we can work in bathing suits and dip to cool off.

So you can see here that Papa John is raring to go to break ground for the pool. I barely had time to snap this picture. Andy was working with us to level the ground, but he got so hot he decided to soak in the horse trough.

The day we started the pool, we were outside all day. Even little Holly had her lunch Al Fresco

Followed by a romp in her little pool on the deck. Don't you love her little cabana?

A little miss sleepy girl fooled us all. We thought she was tired enough to take a little nap, but we found her up on her knees in the play pen, and proud of it!

She usually gives up when she's curled up on Papa

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nana's Cake

Wednesday night I got a FANTASTIC surprise. The kids conspired to throw me an early birthday party. They got together and planned a meal, cake, and presents! I now have a fantastic new grill -- (pictures to follow) and some fancy new tools for cooking on it.


Monday, June 7, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow

Well folks, I may get tomatoes and peppers and squash this year after all! When my Mom and Dad were in town, Dad helped me get the garden set up. I got everything planted and fertilized. Manure is something we definitely can find on the farm.

It's kind of hard to make this out in the picture, but I added the posts and twine to support the tomato plants this past weekend. Papa John and I were up at the extension office for a beekeepers meeting, and I noticed that the master gardener had his tomatoes staked up like this. I thought I'd give it a try, since I have absolutely no luck with tomato frames.