Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer on the Farm

This year we decided to put in a very small, very cute, above ground pool. It's really no more than an adult soaking pool. 15 ft x 42 inches tall. This summer has been soooo hot this year. Most of the time we are working outside, so now we can work in bathing suits and dip to cool off.

So you can see here that Papa John is raring to go to break ground for the pool. I barely had time to snap this picture. Andy was working with us to level the ground, but he got so hot he decided to soak in the horse trough.

The day we started the pool, we were outside all day. Even little Holly had her lunch Al Fresco

Followed by a romp in her little pool on the deck. Don't you love her little cabana?

A little miss sleepy girl fooled us all. We thought she was tired enough to take a little nap, but we found her up on her knees in the play pen, and proud of it!

She usually gives up when she's curled up on Papa

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