Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer on the Farm

We are really enjoying our little pool. It always seems to be the right temperature to just get right in. We have some inexpensive floats (it's already summer clearance season) and I have found that about 3:30, the pool is half in shade, half in sun, so it's very comfortable and relaxing. The vacuum system is pretty much useless but we've found that if you stir it up before you get out, the filter will pick up most everything. Floating chlorine canister and away you go! Holly has a float that her cousin William grew out of, and she loves to have a toy to play with and float. Snuggles entertains her, funny how these dogs seem to be able to balance on a boat cushion. At the end of a day spent playing on the farm, Holly ends up with her end in a dishpan in the sink. She loves playing with plastic containers best.
"I'm going to be walking soon. I let go of the edge and stand by myself now!"