Friday, March 26, 2010

News from the Farm

Big news! Holly has found her toes! She is growing and changing so fast. The kids have two strollers. The "good" stroller is in Karol's car. The "farm" stroller lives on the porch. This is the stroller that is used almost daily now that the weather is nice. Holly loves to be outside and is especially fascinated with all the critters. Snuggles sometimes rides around with her, which she loves.

Last night we took her to visit the baby ducks and baby chicks at Tractor Supply. I think she is really going to like living on a farm!

This week when I was in Charlotte, I went and got a haircut. She took off a lot of hair, and finally, all the colored hair is gone. This is all natural, gray hairs and all, and not too bad for 50. So I'm going to go natural for a while. I do like the cut, she did a good job.