Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Granddaughter Is Born

While in Ohio we stopped at the Winesburg Carriage shop to visit John Miller. The Winesburg Carriage shop is in Winesburg, Ohio, in the center of Amish country. Which is appropriate because John Miller is Amish. His great news was that that morning his daughter in law had presented him with another granddaughter. His only problem was that the mother and baby were at the Mt Eaton Care Center 15 miles away, which is about 150 miles in Amish terms and so he had not been able to see them yet We offered to take them in the Winnebago and they gladly took the offer

When we got there, we discovered that his son had just arrived in his carriage (see photo of carriage below) a short time before us. Father and son went in to see the new baby girl leaving their hats in the waiting room (out of respect for the Amish the closest we can get is the photo of the hats below). After a short wait, we were invited in to see the new baby, whose name is Malena Joy. She is beautiful.

Holy Toledo!

We're passing through Toledo!