Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awesome Bridge

This bridge a awesome in it's size and structure. It is undergoing renovations, and as we were crossing, we could see that they we sandblasting from below us. I looked out the window and down through grating to see water, which felt a little uncomfortable given that we were in a 30 ft motorhome.


We just finished crossing the Mackinac Bridge and we're now in our camp site at the Straits state park, almost at the base of the bridge. We have set up our campsite and are just waiting for Steve and Lori to arrive so the party can begin.

A Big Horse

On our way through Ohio we stopped at the Hershberger's farm. This is the farm where we got Sadie. Liz found another horse to pet. She could not reach high enough to touch it's ear.

On to Michigan!

We got up this morning after spending the evening just over the state line into Michigan. The gentle rolling hills of Ohio have given way to the flatlands as we head north

More new babies


One of the great things about modern technology is that even when you are way across the country on the road you can keep up with your friends and find out the great things they are doing for you. This morning we got a call from our good friends, Nick and Elizabeth, to inform us that Blue Jean finally had her babies. She is now the proud mother of two boys and a girl. Nick was kind enough to send the pictures, so we've already seen the three babies and we also have a movie. Here are their first pictures.

Barns of Ohio

In Ohio you will find some of the prettiest barns. Colors range from deep dark red to the brightest white. Many are decorated with murals celebrating Ohio's centennial

We saw pastures with horses from the tiniest minis to to largest draft horses. It was interesting to see those draft horses at work in the fields bush hogging, baling hay - they epitomize the phrase "work horses"