Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Basement Project

I remember playing in the basement as a child. Slot cars, ping pong, hide and seek. Pool at friends houses. So a big project I have undertaken was a total basement clean out. I mean some serious, motivated, de-junkifying. You would not have believed what we found to throw away. And I learned to be brutal, really brutal. We filled the trailer twice and went to the dump.

But now we have a pool table, mini fridge, entertainment center with a wii. That's two bookshelves and a tv stand actually. But it works! We have a nice piece of plywood over the pool table went its not in use that becomes a laundry folding table. Also there is now a large white board we can draw on.


We also had a cool idea for hiding the under the stairs storage. We have been collecting old license plates for a long time. Really I had this idea a long time ago, and now have made it a reality!









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