Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you Mr Dyson!

The search for a good vacuum cleaner is over. In 30 years I have owned no less than 15 vacuum cleaners. From the kind with vacuum cleaners to bag less wind tunnels. To the kind with fancy hepa filters and quick empty functions. All kinds of brands.

All with the same end result. Poor suction over time, clogging filters that were difficult and costly to replace, messy to empty or change bags. I remember one occasion where a bag burst as I was removing it. What fun that was. Not to mention that any hose that could clog, did. The need to resort to bent hangers to clear hoses led to all kinds of vacuum mayhem.

May I introduce my new best friend Jimmy.

Jimmy is so well designed. You can see everywhere he might clog, and better yet all those places open or pull out with a click of a button. We are also talking serious suction. Karol vacuumed yesterday with the old vacuum, and today I half filled the canister on the rug alone. Moving to wood floors you change to the bare floors setting and dust bunnies are history. I can snug up the front of the vacuum to the wall and it gets everything up to the edge. I have to say too that it was a bit disgusting after I finished vacuuming the bare floor. This thing has enough suction to pull up stuff from between the cracks where the floor boards have shrunk. My old vacuum definitely did not do that!!!

My machine of choice is the Dyson D33 Multifloor.