Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lots going on here!!

We are well into the summer months, and boy has it been hot. In the 90's most days, but once in a while a couple of days in the 80's. We continue to work on improving, always have a project under way. Here you can see where the farmer is putting in new posts for a nicer fence for the backyard and new gate.

Our bees continue to produce, we must have about two gallons or so of honey, which is a fantastic yield for first year hives. After we take honey off the frames, we set the frames out for the bees to clean up.

you have to plan on taking breaks during all this work, and how better to take a nap than with a baby.

When the days work is done, settle in with Uncle Tim for a little TV, and then a book with Daddy.



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