Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend at Tim's

Last weekend we got a break from the farm and went to Tim's house. He was ready with a Chicken Marsala dinner, John's favorite. While we were there we also helped him with a couple of things. His ice maker was not delivering ice, so he and I pulled the fridge out and started troubleshooting end to end, only to find out there was a tube that had iced over just inside the freezer. Once that was cleared, ice was delivered. He was also having trouble with his dryer, but we feared that was a heating element, and we decided to let the landlord tackle that. We went out and bought an old fashioned drying rack to hold him over. Tim had made arrangements to replace a garage door opener, so we got that too, and he and John put it up.

John got a chance to try out Tim's fancy zero turn mower too.




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