Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another Appliance Adventure!

Andy and I are getting really good at fixing appliances. As you all know, I love my front loading washer and dryer. So when disaster looms, we break out the Internet, print out specs and tear down diagrams, and get to work figuring out how to fix them.

Here's how this went down. I was sitting in my new basement office. As usual I run laundry, I mean, I'm sitting right there. How can I not load, push buttons, repeat, repeat, repeat. And so on. Well it was probably a good thing I was sitting there, because I started hearing a crunchy sound, and next detected a faint odor of smoke. I quickly unloaded the dryer and let it cool. I pushed the button and, more crunching and blue and purple sparks! Yikes!

Stopped it, unplugged it, opened the door, and Let it cool again. Andy pulled the tear down diagram, while I researched the problem/solution blogs. Found others had issues with heating elements. We tore it down, and found we did too.



If you look towards the top you can see the burnt area, the coil was broken. Andy found a new one on Amazon, and towards the end of the week we will be back in business, I hope!!!!

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