Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Did On My Lunch Break Today

The milk parlor was starting to get extremely spidery, and generally gross. So at lunch today I put my barn clothes on and got to work. The milking stand was first. I took down the top shelf that the big goats keep bumping into. Pulled down Papa John's drill/milk pump experiment. Then I took a broom to every spidery corner, rerouted loose cords and put up new shelving.


Next I got rid of all the loose bagged feed, put everything in containers, and swept the corner out.


Next, I cleaned out the dog and cat food area and swept. Put away in the nifty pink cabinets all kinds of things that had been left out. Swept that area good.


And finally, took down all the shelved items above the sink, broomed out all the spidery bits. Disturbed a big old wolf spider that crawled down my neck and off my arm. Reorganized everything back onto the shelves that belonged, and scrubbed out the sink.


Ready for an enjoyable milking tomorrow.

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