Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shediac, NB

At this point point, plans changed. We were planning to go on to Nova Scotia, back to where we took the boys so many years ago. We stopped at Shediac at the tourist information center there. We knew we were traveling in the OFF, off season, so we were checking to make sure places we were going were still open. We meet a couple who had just come back from Prince Edward Island and raved about a park there. Those rave reviews, alone with the prospect of visiting Green Gables, of Anne Shirley fame made that destination irresistible. Then they said, "Plus, you can take the ferry over!" The ferry! You want me to put my Minnie on a ferry? Well, okay, we were game.

So we messed around in Shediac awhile.





And then headed for the ferry port!!

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