Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

It's been awhile since I posted, so I'd better get caught up!

April went by in a flash, but here are some highlights.

Holly got a dozen chicks, came home with them in a box from LTD. For awhile they were in the house, and she would go get one to play with. Here she is with Princess Chicky, playing in her princess house.


We also had company come to visit. My parents travelled up from Florida in their new motor home. I only have one photo of the rig, only showing the cab.


Shown here when I was getting a snap of Michael sitting on Papa's motorcycle.

We had a very interesting thing happen. We found out that we had been mistaken when declaring Barney the cat to be a boy. Holly opened what she thought was an empty box on the porch, and then next thing we heard was, "Look what Barney's got!"


Looks to be two girls and four boys, but don't quote me on that.

Holly is enjoying the new plates Beema and Bumpa brought, she says they are perfect for when you are having corn on the cob!


Little Michael is anxious to start working on the farm. He was in the milk parlor the other day trying to pry the top off a milk bucket!


Here's the newest development on the farm. Papa John is going green! We now have an electric Farm Buggy. Papa John put a trailer hitch on it and now we can transport all kinds of things all over the farm. We can work smart and be green!


Holly is a big fan of pears. She will consume almost the entire fruit. Here's her big smile while eating one with my favorite hairdo.


Side ponies rock!