Friday, November 15, 2013

Butternut Squash Soup

Home made butternut squash soup for lunch!


Cat #4 of 10

I counted the other day, in preparation for going out to get frontline. I now have 10 cats on the property. Four inside cats, (I love my litter robot) and six outside.

Phoebe, Bootsie, Cali, and now Biscuit makes four inside,


and outside, are PeeWee, Pumpkin Pie, Sprinkle, Mama Kitty, Moriah, and Lucy.

I found where you can get the spray Frontline in a pump dispenser. Holy CATS!!!!

We Ate All The Grapes

Had to go down and make my regular check of the the grape arbor. Pinning and twining the vines is a regular thing as I try to get the arbor to cover the satellite dish. Holly and Michael came with me. As soon as we turn the corner and head that way Michael shouts, "gapes, gapes, gapes". At least that's what it sounds like to me!


He was disappointed to find that they are all gone.

Deck Building

We are in the final stages of getting the cottage ready. Last weekend the boys built the deck. Over the week Andy has put the finishing touches on the rails, and I will need to take a final photo of the finished product.