Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Dogs, Big Love

We have had a Great Pyrenees on the farm almost as long as we have had goats.  They are a working dog protector breed. They don't herd or chase, when you watch them work, they just LOOK and WATCH. They can do this from a supine position, and when something is suspect they erupt into full motion to check out the threat. We love this breed, and were heartbroken when we had to let Annie go to the Rainbow Bridge.  Big dog, big love pretty much described her to a tee.

Last week we stumbled upon this big sweetheart. 

And knew we had to visit her to find out if she would have that same big love.

We saw her on a Tuesday, and picked her up that Saturday. 

Bella is fitting in just right. 

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Cindy Keiger said...

Awww. She is adorable! I love how the Lord has opened your heart to give & receive love to/from another "Big Dog." So special!