Sunday, May 18, 2014

Post hole digger

Borrowed, boy does it dig post holes fast!
John and Andy were changing out the bit here.

Bluegrass Concert

The kids really enjoyed it

Bella's Selfie

Friday Swim Day

First a good lunch of baked spahetti

Then off to the Y to practice swimming

On the way back, an ie cream cone from Dario, this is how Holly gets ready to be messy.

Then a little reading time on Nana's couch.

Looking for guinea hen eggs

We're trying to find stray guinea hen eggs so we can incubate them, since this winter we lost quite a few.  Every couple of days the kids go on a hunt.  At this point the only one who actually found one was Michael, but Holly has not given up yet.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last Weekend Boat Work at Tim's House

Last Saturday John and I got up early, did chores quick and travelled over to Tim's house. The plan was to work hard to get a good bit done.

All the planking is done. I'm told the next step will be to flip it over and begin the epoxying of the outer hull. Lots of progress for one days work!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Working on new little goat houses

We are working on new little goat barns.  Shelters for them to use during bad weather.  Then we can remodel the milk parlor barn and give the horses back their run in.  

Michael decided Papa needed more wood, so he started bringing him 2 x 4s

He's a hard worker. 

He loves tools. 

Such a good helper. 

He worked so hard he got a treat.