Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boat Building Project

Tim and John are working on a project to build a boat. They purchased a kit from Chesapeake Light Craft in Maryland.  It came Ikea style, flat packed in boxes. Tim cleared out a space in his garage a couple of weeks ago, John loaded the boxes on his trailer and set out for Tim's. They spent a lot of prep setting up a work table and Tim invested in the toolbox he's been wanting. 

The project is coming along, they have been epoxying and sanding and this weekend starting to stitch pieces together. 

Not sure how well you can see it, but boat parts in the back of Tim's truck, and you can also see the hitch he installed for towing. 

It's starting to look like a boat!

Final progress picture of the day


Sadie is making progress.  We made her a high tech splint out of plastic barrel material that encourages her to straighten the leg.  Every couple of days we remove it so she can get air, it can sometimes cause soft tissue damage.  Working on changing the way the dressing material attaches to the splint to try to mitigate that.  

She can now hobble to the hay ring and water trough. We grain her daily wherever she happens to be. It will be a long road to healing for her, but it's good to see her out and about and gaining weight again. 

Messy Eater

Chocolate chip granola bar


No success overwintering bees this year.  It was just too cold for too long.  There was honey in the hives, since we wanted to make sure they had fuel for the winter.  Colony collapse syndrome for one of the hives, but the other one had a knot of bees trying to stay warm.

This year we decided to do one hive, and prep the other for possible swarm.  

Here is PapaJohn pulling out the sugar water can.

And pulling out the queen cage

Bees pouring out of the package.

Hoping for some honey this year!

Hot Dogs and Beans

Saturday night, what else would we eat?