Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter farm chores

We've had almost a week of temps below freezing. I got used to bundling up to go out to do chores. Everyday, twice a day, I filled numerous cat litter jugs with hot water to take out to animals. But oh how the goaties love hot water.  I like to watch them stick their faces in the steam and slurp the hot water.  I like to do chores in the morning.  It's so quiet, all I hear is the crunch of snow as I walk from the house to the barn and the murmuring welcome of horses.  Trigger is always waiting impatiently for his breakfast and the minis jockey for position, whose bowl gets the first scoop?  I stop and fill my pockets with eggs and grab the chicken feeder to take to the barn to fill. The chickens, ducks, and guinea hens follow me until I bring the feeder back full. I walk down to the buck pen to feed the boys. Bosco and Ziggy meet me at the gate for a scratch around the chin. Sky and Kermit dance around the rubber bowl while I scoop goat chow for them. Before I go back to the house, I round up milkers and put them in the center barn stall so the farmer can go out to milk.

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