Friday, March 13, 2015

This thing is awesome!

I've been researching cordless vacs for a while. I knew this one would be great, but was really agonizing over the price.  

Now that I've gotten it home and charged I'm glad I bit the bullet. This thing is fantastic. The first time I used it I completely filled the canister before I realized it. Even with a full canister the thing was still sucking like my big Dyson! I dumped the canister and kept going.  

 I have it hung inside the basement door. Easy to get to.  It does floors. It does throw rugs. Dust bunnies on the stairs are no more. The attachment with the brush head gets fan blades, log house cracks, and around the beams and wood trim of this house. My big Dyson is sitting in a closet lonely waiting for big cleaning jobs. 

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