Monday, May 11, 2015


Early in the year baby goats started arriving. Before we were ready we were milking, making cheese, and freezing milk. 

We make two kinds of cheese. I make a standard chèvre, which is like a tangy cream cheese. It can be flavored with most any seasoning, our favorite is onion and dill. Papa John makes farmer cheese, which is a simple uncured cheese that can be sliced or crumbled. He can't make it fast enough!

We have 9 goats left for sale. And once all these are sold we will be down to 20 goats, 2 of which are permanently retired.   If you take Sky (the only wether goat) off the list, that means 17 production animals which is a good number for maintenance. I'd be happy to sell two or three more, but we don't really have to. 

The chest freezer is full, and we are now putting milk into the upright freezer. I'll fill two shelves and then we will go into heavy cheese production, and put some of that away. 

Even the ducks have been busy, but I don't know if they'll actually be able to hatch. 

We also found the guinea hen clutch, so we have all their eggs in the incubator. I really want those to successfully hatch, since they are our major method of tick control. 

I got a good start on a garden this year. Kendra sent us a book on square foot gardening, so I decided to give it a try. I have tomatoes, yellow squash, lettuce, and spinach growing and the little kids are growing corn, carrots, marigolds, ans sunflowers in their tires. 

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