Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pool Party in the Shade!

It's has been beastlyhot here for the last couple of weeks. In the 90's every day. We wanted to be able to get wet, and tried to put up the inflatable ring pool, but it had a leak, the air lasted only a few hours.  Karol and Andy still had their pool from last year, so we pulled it out and set it up. It went up quick, and filled up in about three hours  our old filter connected fine, and a couple of chlorine tablets and we are good to go. They even have the pool cover so we can cover it if we get a bad storm.

So today we are having a pool party.  Papa is mowing, and then he'll head over for a bucket of KFC.

The kids are working on crushing cans.

Holly is already in the pool!


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