Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve

Clara gave us Chris Kringle today. Mikey helped me get him warm and back out to his mommy.

The elves are signing off for the year and heading back to the north pole.

Good night all!

Thursday, December 22, 2016


Finally finished, and not a moment too soon!

The blue, green, yellow one is for Michael, and the pink, purple, orange one is for Holly. These are made with soft and squishy blanket yarn. They are roughly the size of a twin bed, so perfect cuddly size for snuggling up with a book on a cold day. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Party in Huntsville

I had a fantastic opportunity to go to Huntsville for a couple of days since all my support people were in town. I went to the company Christmas party for the first time ever.

Three days of meetings, and spending time talking to each of my people. It was a good opportunity to catch up,

Here is a picture of the new building.

And here is my support team, with our director at the top and me, the manger at the bottom.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Project Complete

This cute little washstand has been bouncing around the house trying to find a home. It was in the basement for awhile, then it came back up for the holidays to hold the tree.

Here is the before picture.

It had been painted off white.

Before that I distinctly remember it being green.

Before that yellow, judging by the many chips and gouges.

At one time it had been dark stain, sealed with shellac.

What to do, what to do.

Then I discovered chalk paint. Chalk paint in case you are wondering is latex paint with plaster of paris mixed in. It is very thick, Goes on think, and actually improves the surface of your piece.

I selected a color called theater wrap blue, prepped the piece with a thorough cleaning, and got to work.

After one coat.

I let that dry for about 6 hours. applied another coat.

The final step is to coat it with sealing wax, and rub off the excess. It kind of goes against my rule of polyurethaning everything. So the coaster police will need to be vigilant.

The last touch was adding three crystal knobs, and I really like the way it looks. Here is the finished piece put in place.

I really like the way it came out. I see other chalk painted pieces in my future!

Friday, December 9, 2016


December brought our cool weather to us finally! It was 28 degrees this morning and these guys
have the fire roaring in the wood stove. The new stove means we use very little actual heat. My last power bill was $132. compared to 2 years ago, $450 before new stove and new HVAC.

It's a Friday and I am taking a vacation day because I have to burn some before the end of the year and I don't want to lose it.

Check out my orchid!
It has been in bloom for almost a month. Right next to it is my Christmas cactus, which is about to bloom. I'm fascinated with orchids right now, but they sure teach you how to be patient!

In the effort to not kill a tree, this year we have a dwarf Alberta Fir tree in a pot to decorate this year. I have the lights on it but still have to get some ornaments up.
Notice my kitty trying to find a sunny spot to snooze.

I also got the Christmas lights up on the porch, on a timer - so set and forget, now just enjoy them.

Here's my three guys in all their bearded glory.

Happy Holidays from Papa Johns Farm!