Friday, December 9, 2016


December brought our cool weather to us finally! It was 28 degrees this morning and these guys
have the fire roaring in the wood stove. The new stove means we use very little actual heat. My last power bill was $132. compared to 2 years ago, $450 before new stove and new HVAC.

It's a Friday and I am taking a vacation day because I have to burn some before the end of the year and I don't want to lose it.

Check out my orchid!
It has been in bloom for almost a month. Right next to it is my Christmas cactus, which is about to bloom. I'm fascinated with orchids right now, but they sure teach you how to be patient!

In the effort to not kill a tree, this year we have a dwarf Alberta Fir tree in a pot to decorate this year. I have the lights on it but still have to get some ornaments up.
Notice my kitty trying to find a sunny spot to snooze.

I also got the Christmas lights up on the porch, on a timer - so set and forget, now just enjoy them.

Here's my three guys in all their bearded glory.

Happy Holidays from Papa Johns Farm!

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