Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Day on the Slopes

Last week, Tuesday and Wednesday, we traveled in the motorhome to Flat Top, WV. to go skiing. I had been watching the weather, and knew they had fresh snow.

We left Monday afternoon after work, and made it up there by 10 pm. We stopped to snooze in a Cracker Barrel, only 28 miles from Winterplace Ski Resort.

 No body on the lifts but me. From 10AM until about 5PM, there were very few people there. So I only waited for a lift once!

 This is how close we were to the slopes. I am standing next to the ski racks where you click in your boots - and looking at my own little ski lodge. Nothing like being able to go in for lunch and heat up a bowl of spaghetti.

Scotty the wonder goat came along. We are bottle feeding him because he seemed to be a bit premature. Very low sucking reflex. But Papa John got him going.

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