Monday, July 3, 2017

Oso's Story

Hi, my name is Oso Grande. I had a rough start in life, but things are looking up for me. I have a lot of people who care about me and I'm getting very good care from Dr J, Papa, and Nana. Tune in for updates on me, and I'll tell you my story!

 Hi again! It's me Oso. I should tell you the start of my story. I was just a twinkle in Mama's tummy just waiting to be born when I realized something was wrong. The other twinkles stopped kicking around and I knew it was going to be bad. The vet lady came and pulled us all out but I wasn't sure I wanted her to. The next thing I knew was I was hungry and I had an owie. My goat lady tried to help me, but she was a very busy person with lots of responsibilities. She took me to see Papa and Nana, who called Dr J for help. Whew that's a lot of writing!  I'm going to have a bottle of yummy goats milk and rest - I'll tell you more tomorrow!

This is how I roll! Hello from me, Oso! So to continue my story, I couldn't stand up to drink my milk. My goat lady took me inside and gave me goat formula. It was tasty, but not as good as Mama's milk. I didn't get to see much sunshine, but I wasn't hungry. Finally my goat lady decided she couldn't help the best way, so she called Dr J, who came and got me on a Friday afternoon. She took me to the nice vet man who took pictures of me with a noisy camera. It turns out my injury was pretty serious. Some bones were crackly and my right back leg was dislocated. Dr J knew that part already, she put it back for me a couple of times. She took me home and Nana and Papa came to visit.  Dr J and Mr Dr J and Nana and Papa talked and talked and talked about what to do with me. I didn't mind though, because while they were talking they gave me a bottle of fresh yummy goat milk! I just had another one by the way, an extra tasty one with honey flavored yogurt mixed in. Now I'm so sleepy! I'll have to tell you more tomorrow!

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday for me. You can probably see in some of my pictures the goat-mobile Papa made just for me, Oso!  Sometimes I get a little tired of hanging out in it so Nana or Papa pick me up and cuddle me on their lap. In this picture I was curled up on Papa and sound asleep. I was dreaming about swimming with the other twinkles, Papa could tell because all four legs were twitching he said. I also got to hang out in the grass! It felt funny. I spent a lot of time kicking around to feel it. That's why I got so tired. I forgot to tell you that on Friday Dr J came to see me and she brought all her littles and friends. It was like a party! Dr J is very happy with my progress, and, I also got to watch Dr J twist Papa into a pretzel. So funny! She wiggles him around just like she wiggles me! Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there! I hope you all have a great day! I'm planning to! Oh yummy, Nana is bringing me another yummy bottle. More tomorrow!

 Sunday snuggles are the best! Hi again, it's me Oso. I have learned how to snuggle my face into the towel to snooze too, but my favorite is sitting in the recliner chair with Papa. You can see I'm just stretching out and enjoying the cuddles. I'm drinking my milk every day and growing and getting stronger and stronger. Today, Monday, I drank almost 5 1/2 bottles. I've snoozed in Papa's lap again today and after a nap, I tried to just get right up like a regular goat! Papa had to yell to Nana to come right now and get me. They don't want me to try to stand on my own, but I really needed to pee and I didn't want to get Papa all stinky. They want to keep my dislocated hip in place for as long as possible. If they can't keep it in to let my scar tissue grow, it won't be a good leg for me. Dr J really thought all the nerves in that leg were gone, but I'm wiggling it and kicking big when she tickles that foot. So there is hope for me to be able to walk around like a regular goat, but I'll probably be gimpy. I have a big exciting secret to share with you though. Tomorrow Papa is going to make my goat-mobile have all 4 wheelies. I can't wait!

I'm a kid with a mission! I spent most of the day on the porch and I walked all the way around from the front porch to the back porch! Everywhere I heard my name. "Go Oso go!" Dr J, her littles and Ania came to see me. Papa John and Nana ordered pizza and it really was a party! I felt famous! 

You know what else? Papa and Nana saw me move my fastest. Papa says I will surprise everyone in four weeks with my walking. So my mission is to walk as much as I can so I can go play with the other goaties on the farm.

Today was a great day for me! Oso here, reporting on today's activities. I woke Nana and Papa up today with a big noise! They jumped up to check me out because they thought there was a problem. I fooled them good, I just wanted a bottle of milk!  I drank a whole bottle and then Nana took me out to the porch so I could work on making my goatie legs strong. I got stuck on a chair and had to be rescued. I just waited and played with my pretty strings and yellow chain. After Nana and Papa did all the morning farm work we all got ready for the trip to see Dr J and her littles. I got to ride in the back seat and I could look out the window. I was quiet all the way there. When we got there I showed off my walking skills and Dr J was amazed. She says I am really growing and gave Nana some exercises for me to do. 4 1/2 more weeks in the goat-mobile and then I'm going to show everybody how good I can walk. Then I had a bottle and a nap, and when I woke up I practiced more walking. I got so excited because Dr J gave me a new giraffe toy that makes pretty noises when I bonk it. After we got home I took a nap on Papa's lap, and Nana put some MegaTech on my rubbed off furry parts - it smells coconutty good! Here's a picture of when Dr J came to see me on the farm.

Hi, it's me Oso again. Remember I told you about the big news yesterday that the goat-mobile was getting wheels? Well, Papa put the back wheels on today and it did not take me long to figure out how to make the goat-mobile GO! I walked across the porch a couple of times and then walked straight to see Nana. She's not going to be able to keep me in one place now!  I stop to play with my yellow chain and pretty strings and then I GO GO GO some more. I exercised for an hour or two and then I got snuggle time in the hammock chair with Papa. I have to keep working my goatie legs so that when my bad leg gets stronger, I'll be able to walk. I heard Nana and Papa talking and it sounded like they were talking about a car trip to see Dr J and her littles! That would be so exciting! Now that I'm feeling better things are just so much more fun!

Hi again it's me, Oso. I had a bit of excitement today. I was in my new goat-mobile this morning, which does not have wheels yet. I saw Nana coming with a bottle and I got super excited and tipped my whole goat-mobile over!  Nana and Papa both rushed to pick me up, but I had almost wiggled out. So off Papa went to get the materials to build some extra sticky outie parts. And then he put rollers on them! My new goat-mobile is too tall for my new wheelies just yet, but my rollers move! I go slower but I have to work a little harder. Papa also asked Nana nicely to make a goatie pillow for my nappy times. So she did! It's white and soft and works just right. They just take it off when I'm on the porch so I can see more interesting things, like my feet. So here is a picture of my new goat-mobile with rollers, and me enjoying a cozy nap on my new goatie pillow. Good night everyone!

Oso here and I'm about to crash. I just had a nice warm bottle and I'm settled down to sleep but I had to tell you the latest news. I have two goat-mobiles now! One with wheelies for the porch and one in the house to be with the people!  My porch one is the first goat-mobile. The new one is built with stronger materials to last me the rest of the four weeks of rehab. Papa says it will grow with me. I got in it and stood on my front two legs!  What a great feeling!  Eventually it will have wheelies too but I have to grow some more. Nana moved my giraffe toy from Dr J that makes pretty noises and I just love it!

Seriously. Lazy Sunday. On the 7th day God rested, and so should we all!  Me, Oso here!  My Little's Holly and Mikey are back from vacation. They bring me leaves and bottles and make me want to Go, Go, Go!  

Nana and Papa are getting the back yard ready for me. Henrietta, another three legged goat, and two baby goats are there waiting for me. Next week I get to be on the back porch so I can talk to them. For now, it's Sunday nappy time!  Don't you want to curl up with a blankie and rest too? Please DO! It's so good for you!  Papa is even taking my advice