Sunday, December 13, 2020

Heading North, Less Than 1000 mi To Go - West Coast Trip - Dec 13, 202

Sunday is a pretty good day for travel. It's dark and rainy to boot.  So today we'll put some miles behind us. Most likely we'll be boondocking tonight.  On boondocking days we aren't lazy in the morning. The first person who is the most awake will drive the early leg. Some days we leave our spot before it's light out.  That's why we made such good time the first part of the week. 

Roxie has discovered the very best place to travel. I have her bed in the motorhome, and I just tucked it into a basket I had, and viola,  a bed that won't tip over.  I tossed a couple of treats in there, and its a hit.   She's a good traveler. 

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