Friday, December 11, 2020

I Love My Motorhome - West Coast Trip - Dec 11, 2020

This thing is a monster! I've described it to be like the tardis, because it's bigger on the inside. We are living in this thing very comfortably. 

We are traveling out west, where we will quarantine with the west coast family for some months. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate our good fortune in being able to travel this way. 

We are very deliberate and careful about our fuel stops.  One person does the gas pumping. One person does the shopping. Disinfecting, washing often, limiting interactions. Masking 100% of the time. I know we cannot let our guard down.  We check online reviews of stores -- many are doing senior hours again. There have also been times where we have vetoed a planned stop because it looked too crowded.

Many small RV parks are doing check ins over the phone. Every third night we check into a park to fill and dump tanks. The other nights we are boondocking. You'll see lots of that out west. A motorhome will be pulled off 40 onto  an exit and park for the night.  We have stayed in Cracker Barrel parking lots. We have stayed in Walmart parking lots. We are never alone, last night we were parked next to what looked like the Magical Mystery Van.  He had a little stove going inside it!

We are not eating out, as we have done a lot of in the past. Occasionally we will find a place to get some good take out. I have frozen meals to thaw, which are augmented with trips to a grocery store, when I stock up.

One thing we really miss is the roadside stops. We are driving through New Mexico and now Arizona. Everything is shuttered, likely for the winter, but its still sad that we DO NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING. No moccasins, no cowboy boots, no sterling silver and turquoise.  I feel awful for the little restaurants and attractions. Noone stops for anything but gas and food.

Tomorrow we will cross over into California, and pick up the 5 North.