Saturday, December 12, 2020

California Dreamin' Tonight - West Coast Trip - Dec 12, 2020

We'll be California dreaming tonight, planning on stopping just east of Barstow. We have stocked up on food, OJ, and ready to stop for the day. Had a pretty lazy day today, it's just past 3pm, and I'm still in my pajamas.  Now, I'm just calling it ready for bed early.

Every mile brings us closer to our littles. We are concentrating on keeping well, resting, eating right. Making sure we keep vigilant with cleaning and washing precautions. I wear a mask even when walking the dog.

We seem to have resolved our leaky tire issue. It turned out to be a faulty valve stem. We will also need to rewire our TPMS monitor. Best Buy had a temporary fix, a mult-adapter. So yesterday and today we've had no issues. Smooth sailing except that we are feeling some pretty heavy head and side winds. It makes us so glad to still be in a class c. The ride is tiring, but we just slow down until we feel safe. I mostly drive 55, and I'm very glad to report that even towing the CRV, I find it easy to drive.  I put my tunes on and just rock on down the road. John woke up one day and said, "what state are we in?"

We've made great time, and likely we are going to take it a little slower, but really I see no reason to delay, if I'm awake and ready to drive then I'd rather just get back on the road.